Best Wedding Videography – Franca & Samuel’s Highlights

UProductions has been lauded for offering some of the best wedding videography services in the GTA. We are appreciative of such accolades, but believe it’s important to acknowledge how much hard work goes into each film we create. There is a tremendous amount of commitment, resources, and expertise invested in every production. Furthermore, our films’ distinct nature would not be possible without the incredible style and personality of our couples.

We have to say that Franca and Samuel are among the calmest, coolest, and most collected couples with whom we’ve worked. They learned about our cinematography service from two of our previous clients, Minna and Daniel.

Franca and Samuel look extraordinary together – a perfect match, if you ask us. Their wedding was equally stunning. From Franca’s gorgeous attire (including a unique headpiece), to their remote photo shoot location north of Toronto, to the venue, every detail suited the couple well.

We’ve spoken about Zaheer from Z Molu Photography before on our blog, and we will again, here. He was commissioned to photograph Franca and Samuel’s event. Zaheer’s artistry is unmatched in the wedding industry, and his use of creative lighting is what sets him apart from the rest. UProductions looks forward to working with Zaheer, again, in June. We’ll be heading to the great city of Calgary for Natasha and Faizel’s big day.

We invite you to take a look at this wedding videography highlight reel we put together for Franca and Samuel.

On a different note, we are regularly asked what types of equipment we bring along on our shoots. Here is a list of the cameras and lenses we used to film Franca and Samuel’s wedding celebration.

(3) 5D Mark lll
5D Mark 2
(2) 50mm 1.4
35mm 1.4
24mm 1.4
(2) 85mm 1.2
24-105mm f4
135mm 2.0
(2) 70-200mm 2.8 IS
100mm Macro IS
Glidecam 4000