Nancy & Angelo – Wedding Videography

UProductions normally works with couples that were referred to us, found us online, or were friends of ours growing up. This time around, our wedding videography service was present for the union of a dear friend, Angelo, and his lovely wife, Nancy.

As the owner of UProductions, I’ve known Angelo for a long time – since Grade 9, in fact. From hitting the club circuit in downtown Toronto, to relaxing at the cottage, to spending time at J.G. Park, we’ve enjoyed countless experiences together.

Music is a shared interest of ours, and I’ll never forget the first time we saw the White Stripes, seven years back, at the Hershey Centre. Angelo was gracious enough to special-order the official concert poster. It hangs on our walls to this day as a reminder of that special day. We started as boys and became men together.

When I first learned that Angelo was in a significant relationship, I couldn’t have been more thrilled. Nancy is a wonderful person, who is rarely seen without a smile on her face. She has clearly brought much joy to Angelo.

I’m delighted that our wedding cinematography service was present to capture one of this couple’s most joyous days. It is always an incredible experience to partake in the wedding of close friends – especially since it seems to become harder each year to find time for one another.

I invite you to watch this wedding videography highlight reel that UProductions created for Angelo and Nancy.

On a separate note, we’ve had many people inquire about the type of video equipment we use. We’re glad to share the following list with anyone who may be interested:

2 Canon 5D Mark ll
50 1.4mm
70-200mm 2.8
85mm 1.2
24mm 1.2
35mm 1.4
135mm 2.0
100mm macro 2.8
Glidecam 4000
Phillip Bloom dolly
H4N Zoom Audio
Sennheiser lav mics