Wedding Cinematography – Stephanie & Vito
Highlight Reel

UProductions Wedding Cinematography and Photography is a Toronto based studio that provides wedding videography and photography in Canada and abroad.

UProductions Photography and Videography is a Toronto based studio that provides corporate video for business in Canada and abroad. As professionals our approach to modern corporate photography and videography has sustained us to be very relevant in our industry. We are closely involved in the corporate industry producing promotional video productions, training corporate video, web video for business and wedding videography and wedding photography Toronto services.

Giving your company an online video presence can be a helpful tool to getting your name or product out there. The UProductions team has traveled in and around the world to document various events.

Our vast knowledge and passion for these industries have given us a unique look into the individual projects we take on. We limit the amount of projects we take on per industry so UProductions and their associates can devote the care and time needed to see each project through right till the end. People who work for UProductions Photography and Videography studio love what they do. Their constant demand in himself for perfection is what defines them. Their drive and passion to document what is real, is a lifestyle.

Our wedding cinematography service was there to capture it all.

Stephanie and Vito were together for eleven years before they tied the knot. They shared many incredible experiences during that period, which continually brought them closer. The couple’s wedding day was a clear expression of the adoration they have for one another.

UProductions likes to include a number of elements in its wedding cinematography highlight reels. One of these components is sound bites from speeches. We think Vito’s speech was particularly touching – both honest and from the heart. We really enjoyed incorporating it into the edit.

Please have a look at the wedding videography highlight reel we put together for Stephanie and Vito.